Raygun App
  • Diagnose errors more efficiently

    Full diagnostic information and stack traces.

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  • Identify issues as they happen

    Get live crash and related user data from your app.

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  • All errors in one place

    See problems across your entire development stack.

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“Only 16% of people will try a failing app more than twice”

Survey by Compuware

Discover errors before your users do

Use Raygun to identify and diagnose issues fast!

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  • Karl Gjertsen

    Integrating Raygun is frictionless and takes as long as a coffee break. And after you are done with the setup you will immediately see why Raygun is worth every penny. Read more...

    Benny Neugebauer

    Team Lead at Wire

  • Andrew Schofield

    Raygun provides us with fantastic error tracking software that is incredibly easy to set up. Raygun will fundamentally change the way you manage errors in your apps. Read more...

    Andrew Schofield

    Chief Technical Officer at Timely

  • Secure

    All data is sent over 256-bit end-to-end SSL connections keeping your information and error details safe. Self hosted options are also available.

  • Private

    Protect your account with TOTP based two-factor authentication. Have complete control over visibility of applications with individual team members.

  • Compliant

    Encrypted data storage and secure backups keep you protected. Raygun is fully HIPAA certified and maintains the highest industry security standards.