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  • Intelligent error grouping

    Every occurrence of a bug is presented within one group. Resolve or ignore whole error groups at once or browse each instance and view its unique data. Raygun tells you about the highest recurring problems, without drowning you in error messages and notifications.

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  • Custom team notifications

    Choose to be notified of each individual error or take control of your inbox with our daily email digests of what's been happening. Raygun effortlessly integrates with team chat providers like Slack, HipChat and others, giving you real time visibility of problems that are occuring in your applications.

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  • Mobile crash reporting

    Alongside all major web platforms, Raygun supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Xamarin frameworks too. Raygun even works in offline mode, sending crash reports once an internet connection is restored. Get complete peace of mind whilst your apps are out in the wild.

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  • Top notch security

    All Raygun plans receive 256-bit end-to-end SSL security keeping your information and error details safe at all times. We use the highest industy standards and best practices to give you complete peace of mind when reporting errors from your software applications.

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  • Unlimited team members

    We don't have any of those silly limits for team members. Whether you have one or one hundred people on your team, we've got you covered. Raygun makes sure everyone you need to have visibility of errors has just that, with customizable permissions for team owners and team members.

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  • Streamline your workflow

    Raygun integrates with your team chat provider, bug tracker and project management tools, ensuring you get real time notifications and visibility of software errors that seamlessly fit into your development workflow, keeping everyone informed.

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Manage your company’s software errors with ease