How to set up Real User Monitoring for existing Raygun users


You may have seen that we recently launched our latest application, Pulse, a real user monitoring app to see how your users are experiencing your application. Getting started is pretty easy if you’re new – but what about if you’ve been using Crash Reporting for a while? You may have noticed that the Javascript is … Read More

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Add Real User Monitoring to your site with Pulse


You might have seen our recent announcements about Raygun real user monitoring, the second offering from Raygun alongside the existing Crash Reporting service. Pulse is a ‘real user monitoring’ solution that allows you to discover, monitor and pinpoint your actual user’s behavior and experience as they browse and use your web site/application. The key advantage … Read More

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Work Smarter Not Harder With The Moxtra and Raygun Integration

We all want to work smarter not harder right? Improving the way you work just got a lot easier with our latest integration – Moxtra. Companies rely heavily on software applications to run their business and without the protection of error detection software in your applications, they leave themselves at great risk of losing customers … Read More

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