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What is Raygun
  • Dive Deep into error groups / Error Reporting
  • Advanced Grouping
  • Advanced Notifications
  • Multiple Applications
  • Versioning
  • Staging Enviroments
  • Multiple Applications
  • Global Dashboard
  • Commenting
  • Messaging
  • Search
  • User Tracking
  • Custom Data
  • Stack Trace
  • Plugin List
  • Web Hooks
  • post API
  • Issue Tracking - youtrack / github
  • Notifications - hipchat / campfire
Languages & Platforms
  • Language List
  • Mobile Support
  • iOS Symbolification
  • Xamarin
  • Javascript Reporting
  • Source Maps
  • Organizations
  • Teams

Automatic Error Reporting

Raygun notifies you when errors occur in your app with intelligent grouping and the complete stack trace in real time. Whether your code is running in a data center or on a million mobile devices, Raygun gives you the data you need to fix bugs fast.

Intelligent error grouping

Stop drowning in log files

  • Every occurrence of a bug is presented within one group
  • Resolve or ignore whole error groups at once
  • Browse each instance and view its unique data

Stack traces

Find out where and why - fast

  • Every error has its stack trace
  • Complete function and class name data
  • Dynamic web languages give you a rich set of data, including unminified JavaScript with source map support
  • iOS crashes can be automatically symbolicated by Raygun when you provide the dSYM file, turning them into human-readable back traces

Real-time reports

Email Notifications

Raygun emails reports on how your app is performing, straight to your inbox.

  • When a user encounters a new bug, you are alerted immediately
  • Get trend data at follow-up intervals if the bug continues to occur, including error rate info
  • Daily Digest gives you a summary of the day's activity so you never miss a thing

Team chat

With Raygun's built-in support for HipChat and Campfire, real time error notifications are sent instantly to your team's chat room.

Zapier integration

Easily configure Raygun to use Zapier's SMS API to send a text message directly to a phone when an event occurs.

Multiple applications

Software often is made up of many moving parts - services, scheduled jobs and more. Track every part with Raygun to get a complete picture.

You can mix it up with as many different languages, frameworks and monitor them all from one account.

Integrates in minutes

Raygun takes just minutes to integrate with your software. Get all the features on this page in no time!

Try free for 30 days, no credit card needed

Core Features

Everything you need

Change the status on each error group - mark as resolved, ignored for now or permanently ignore so you never see it again (great for spam bots!)

All account types include unlimited end users - no limits!

Add comments (with Markdown) to keep others in your team informed.

Version tracking lets you view errors from the latest release, or filter to any old version.

Attach tags, custom data objects and user data to each error, so you can send scoped variables when the exception occurs.

Raygun gives you full-text search on every error group in an app.

Targeted field search lets you track down errors by searching only across certain fields.

Search for email addresses or usernames of valued customers.

View app activity

Every action a team member takes on an error group is displayed, like status updates, commenting and more.

With Raygun, your entire organization has full knowledge of your codebase's health over time.

Affected users

Discover critical bugs that are visible to the most users, while going unnoticed by your team.

Counts of affected users are displayed alongside each error group.

Send any extra data

Attach custom data using your language's provider to easily send extra data which is in scope when the exception occurs.

Easily send complete objects, not just key-value pairs.

All custom data is available for searching from within Raygun.

JavaScript Source Maps

Get real stack traces from errors in your minified JavaScript

Compile your JavaScript with source map support and Raygun will automatically give you complete stack traces and error occurrence data.

View the original unminified JavaScript with surrounding code blocks for every line in the stack trace.

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Integrations & Plugins

Seamless integration

With over a dozen plugins and counting, Raygun will work with your existing toolchain in seconds.

Issue Tracking Integrations

  • YouTrack
  • GitHub

Notification Plugins

  • HipChat
  • Campfire
Check out the full list of plugins


Error notifications fire webhooks, which you can send to other third-party APIs, or hook it into your own system for ultimate flexibility.

Industry-standard JSON lets you configure webhooks and utilize Raygun's data fast.

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All Languages & Platforms

Raygun has more first-class support for programming languages and frameworks than any other

  1. Source map support
  2. Caches exceptions when no connectivity
  3. Automatic symbolification of crash data into back traces
View all providers

Third-party providers

Plug into anything with Raygun's rich ecosystem, or build it yourself

Our users have built a fantastic array of providers for all manner of technologies.

If you use Nancy for .NET, Django, Go, Drupal, CakePHP or Adobe Air, you can get started with Raygun right away using the community providers.

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Teams & Organizations

Ultimate error tracking for professionals

Raygun keeps everyone informed, whether you have two or two hundred devs

  • Assign users to different teams - core team, clients, whatever!
  • Leave comments on errors
  • Link with your issue tracker and team chat service with Raygun Plugins
  • One account, unlimited developers

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